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D&B Announces Availability of D&B360TM for Siebel CRM

D&B (NYSE: DNB), the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, announced that D&B360 is now available for Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle’s Siebel CRM.

Delaware DMV Approved Defensive Driving Course Providers

NOTE: Course providers are approved but not associated with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The DMV may consider the satisfactory completion of a Defensive Driving course, approved by the Delaware Department of Insurance, as a 3-point credit

Example 1: Effective Writing for Different Message Types

The purpose of responsive writing is to provide a response to previous communication. For responsive writing to be effective, it must be prompt and courteous, exact, sincere, and brief.

Oracle released Siebel In-Memory application for high response time.

Oracle has introduced high speed in-memory application which run seven to 11 times faster than normal applications.

ISM Announces Winners of 2013 Top 15 CRM Software Awards for both ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Small & Medium Business’ Solutions

“The winners of the 2013 Top 15 are the influencers in the CRM community who have made significant advancements in both functionality and connectivity for sales, customer service and marketing professionals; offer better decision making to

SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

Does EIM support importing data from ACT?

You can only use EIM to import bulk data from legacy systems into the Siebel database. Only ACT! 2.0 and ACT! 3.0 have File/Import functionality for data import into Siebel. You can use “Exporter for ACT!” to export ACT!

GE Universal Remote Codes and Instructions

Direct Code Entry for GE remotes with 4 digit codes 1. Manually turn on the device (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.) you wish to program. 2. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH/SETUP button on the remote until the INDICATOR LIGHT lights, then release....


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