Disable ST eScript engine

To disable ST eScript engine by setting the Enable ST Script Engine system preference. To do this: Log into Siebel Tools: 

Finding the cause of a slow Siebel Repository File (SRF) compile with Siebel Tools

A full SRF compile usually completes in under an hour for the standard Horizontal and Industry repositories. Many times developers report that a full SRF compile is very slow and is taking a significantly longer time.

Siebel Application Bind variable vs. literals in queries

Siebel uses statements with bind variables throughout the application. Bind variables are good for performance, as Oracle does not need to hard-parse the query every time it is executed.

indexing Siebel custom columns

In most implementations, a high number of indexes already exist on some of the tables (such as, S_OPTY) and you must be careful not to add too many indexes. A new index can fix one query but may slow down another.

Export data using dbisqlc.exe utility

DBISQLC.EXE is the utility used to connect to sample/local database for DML,DDL operations. But how do we export the results of a query to a file?


 By using ‘OUTPUT’ command.

Activate Multiple Workflows with Search String in Siebel

Sometime during Siebel deployment from one environment to another environment or for vanilla functionality like Siebel Order management we need to activate set of workflows one by one.

Debugging Profile Attribute

There would have been umpteen number of situations where you might have felt the need for an easier way of debugging profile attributes than logging the values in a script, haven't you?.If yes, then here is a much simpler way and you can do

How to split up the Siebel filesystem with sfspartition in Siebel 8

Bookshelf 8.0,
Siebel System Administration Guide > Siebel Server Infrastructure Administration > Administering the Siebel File System >

Applying UpdOnlyIfNulls property in Constrain Pick List

To constrain the list of values of a picklist field (Eg: ‘Status’) based on another picklist (Eg: ‘Type’) field value of business component (Eg: ‘Contact’) in multi organization environment.


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