Siebel Alert: Mandatory Siebel Quick Fixes for Version and Version

Oracle has released an advisory, Siebel Quick Fixes for version and that customers must apply to address functionality issues.

Siebel Open UI Deployment Steps

Open UI views will be rendered by the SWE engine at runtime, converting the views in Siebel Tools repository into HTML views for displaying through any browser.Can be added in parallel to the regular upgrade so that it does not affect the existing

Activate Multiple Workflows with Search String in Siebel

Sometime during Siebel deployment from one environment to another environment or for vanilla functionality like Siebel Order management we need to activate set of workflows one by one.

Is it possible to set up individual user locales?

It is possible to set up locales on a user basis so that you do not need to create new object manager components in order for a set of users to simply use a different locale.  A locale directs how sensitive information, such as date, time, and num

How Do Trackable URLs 'Click on URL' in Siebel 8.1.x Work and How are They Structured?

It works in the following way: within the Siebel workflow, there is a step (Marketing Campaign Load Workflow>Get List Format System Data) that takes the body of the HTML and finds all the tags Trackable URL.The business service replaces that ta

Installing Patch in Siebel 8 - Client using Opatch Utility

from Siebel 8.0 Oracle has introduced opatch utility to install the patches to siebel, following are the steps to install patches on siebel client
Steps to Applying the patch on Siebel Client:

Disable the button to prevent the double click in Siebel

Requirement:  We have scenario like where we have payment interface which has been triggered by Payment button on Payment applet.


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