How To Uncompress Files in the Siebel File System with the Original File Names?

The Siebel File System stores all file attachments in a compressed format with a proprietary naming convention. Neither Siebel InterActive nor the Fulcrum SearchServer can access or read these files directly.

Trillium Integration with Siebel - Data Quality

Trillium provides an end-to-end Total Data Quality solution.  For this specific project, Siebel accesses Trillium via the Trillium Connector API.  The Trillium client running on the Solaris server cleanses the data.

How to reduce the size of Pick Applet in Mobile Open UI Application ?

The size of the pick applet is controlled in theme-black.css in the below style class:


Siebel Predefined Queries (PDQ) – Reference

PDQ refers to Pre Defined Queries, as the name speaks for it self these are the saved queries in Siebel application.

How to convert .FDR file to readable excel format or .CSV format

Siebel process generates an .fdr file also known as Flight data recorder file when ever there is a crash or a dump. FDR file is created in binary format with process information.

Siebel Reporting XSLFunctions Library Methods in Siebel BI Publisher

XSLFunctions (XSLFunctions.jar) is the library for common functions used in standard Siebel BI Publisher reports. Following are the methods supported: current_date()

EIM with Informatica


PowerCenter can load data to base tables in Siebel using Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) tables.

The Print and Export options are available in Application File Menus, Applet Menus and Toolbar buttons (i.e. Quick Print Icon ). The Print option is centrally controlled in Siebel by the built-in Business Service (BS) “PrintListService”. This BS needs some code to be included to disable the print. But there is no such central place to add code to disable Export data option, this is a Siebel Product limitation.


Actuate e.Report Designer File types

Actuate has 5 types of files namely, basic source (.bas) files design (.rod) files executable (.rox) files library (.rol) files report document (.roi) files Basic Source (.bas) Files

Siebel CRM How To – Automate login into Siebel Dedicated Clien

The trick I am going to tell you in this article might seem to you very simple and basic if you have been working on siebel for a long time but for a newbie it can be small time saving trick during his early days of dabbling with Siebel Developmen


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