Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager - EIM Most frequently asked Interview Questions – Part 3

This is Siebel EIM Interview Q&A Part 3 We have collected the Siebel real time interview questions related to EIM ( enterprise integration manager) , these are asked in real interviews in most of the companies.

Browser Scripting in Standard Interactivity

I have never been fan of SI applications because of the unpredicatble limitations it offers. But however recently one of my friend cum life saver,Vinay Jain aka Vivacious,asked me a trivia and i was forced to jump into the ocean.

Debugging Profile Attribute

There would have been umpteen number of situations where you might have felt the need for an easier way of debugging profile attributes than logging the values in a script, haven't you?.If yes, then here is a much simpler way and you can do this on the fly.
When the web client is up, replace the URL with the following script:

How to Troubleshoot Database Errors Caused by Deleting Repositories using Siebel Tools

The only supported way in which you can delete a repository is by way of deleting the appropriate ‘Repository’ record within the Siebel Tools application.

Siebel Application Bind variable vs. literals in queries

Siebel uses statements with bind variables throughout the application. Bind variables are good for performance, as Oracle does not need to hard-parse the query every time it is executed.

Siebel - Email/SMS/FAX template substitution

Scenario : Need to fill email/sms/fax template content substituted via scripting.

How Can You Use SWE Commands with Bookmark URLs

SWE API Commands can be used to perform operations such as login, GoToView and query in the Siebel application.

EIM Tuning to improve performance

Through EIM process we load bulk amount of data from an external system to Siebel base tables. The performance of these EIM  

How to Display Photo Image for a Contact?

In order to display photo image / picture for a contact, the same configuration as in Immigaration Contacts screen should be done.


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