Incorporating Global Data Quality within Siebel Applications

To ensure optimal data quality within Oracle’s Siebel applications, companies need to improve data integrity, remove duplicate data, and maintain peak condition data.

Finding the cause of a slow Siebel Repository File (SRF) compile with Siebel Tools

A full SRF compile usually completes in under an hour for the standard Horizontal and Industry repositories. Many times developers report that a full SRF compile is very slow and is taking a significantly longer time.

Development Tools used in Open UI development

Using Siebel Tools or with standards based Web development tools (Jdeveloper/Eclipse/NetBeans)

Developing with the new JavaScript API provides a powerful tool to extend the platform.

Server Sizing for Siebel Analytics - OBIEE

A reliable, scalable, resilient server infrastructure is critical for a Siebel eBusiness Applications deployment to succeed.

Activate Multiple Workflows with Search String in Siebel

Sometime during Siebel deployment from one environment to another environment or for vanilla functionality like Siebel Order management we need to activate set of workflows one by one.

Browser Scripting in Standard Interactivity

I have never been fan of SI applications because of the unpredicatble limitations it offers. But however recently one of my friend cum life saver,Vinay Jain aka Vivacious,asked me a trivia and i was forced to jump into the ocean.

How Can You Use SWE Commands with Bookmark URLs

SWE API Commands can be used to perform operations such as login, GoToView and query in the Siebel application.


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