Conditional View based on a field value

The user should have access to Opportunity Quote View depending of the Opportunity Sales Stage : if Sales Stage is A then the view is not available, if the Sales Stage is B, the view is available. 

Case Insensitivity & Accent Insensitivity (CIAI)

Using the Siebel Tools Version 8.0, Columns can be configured for CIAI, by easy to use Case Insensitivity UI wizard. This helps application users to query records irrespective of any case (Upper/Lower). E.g.

How to display Confirmation Popup Message without Scripting in Siebel

Here is the solution to implement the Confirmation popup applet (OK/Cancel) without Script in Siebel. This solution is applicable for both type of application (Standard and High Interactive application)

Case Insensitive and Accent Insensitive Queries

When the case insensitive and accent insensitive (CIAI) query feature is implemented, database queries you perform in the Siebel application ignore both case and the use of accents to return records that otherwise match the query criteria.

How to Troubleshoot Database Errors Caused by Deleting Repositories using Siebel Tools

The only supported way in which you can delete a repository is by way of deleting the appropriate ‘Repository’ record within the Siebel Tools application.

Siebel Open UI Features

  1. Enriched look and feel
  2. Not restricted to the capabilities of the Standard Interactivity framework
  3. Device Driven Layout to fit any device in optimal way
  4. Left Hand or Tab Navigation personalization option

How Can You Use SWE Commands with Bookmark URLs

SWE API Commands can be used to perform operations such as login, GoToView and query in the Siebel application.

How To Uncompress Files in the Siebel File System with the Original File Names?

The Siebel File System stores all file attachments in a compressed format with a proprietary naming convention. Neither Siebel InterActive nor the Fulcrum SearchServer can access or read these files directly.

indexing Siebel custom columns

In most implementations, a high number of indexes already exist on some of the tables (such as, S_OPTY) and you must be careful not to add too many indexes. A new index can fix one query but may slow down another.

How to limit the number of records when they are queried from a pick applet

The 'Prefetch Size' and 'Max Cursor Size' is used for DB2 database. But there are some cases where Max Cursor Size alone has been used for Oracle database. The possible workaround is to run a default PDQ.


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