Siebel Interview Q&A

Known Scripting performance issues

The following are some events which might contribute to slow performance if extensive coding is done:
- BusComp_PreGetFieldValue
- WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod

Do you have Skill to become Siebel Solution Architect?

If you’re a Siebel Technical consultant for a long time, and want to continue your career growth in technical filed, you would probably decided to become the Siebel solution architect. At least you’re interested if it’s a good fit for you.

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What is difference between Incremental Compile and Full Compile?

Incremental Compile: When we select a single object (BC, Applet etc), several objects (Multiple BC, Applets, BO etc), single project or several projects to compile in an existing SRF file that is known as Incremental Compile.

Siebel - Email/SMS/FAX template substitution

Scenario : Need to fill email/sms/fax template content substituted via scripting.


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