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Reference to Siebel EIM Import Parameters

TYPE: This parameter specifies the type of process being defined (IMPORT, EXPORT, DELETE, MERGE, or SHELL). A shell process uses the INCLUDE statement to invoke a sequence of processes in a single run.

How are index hints used in an EIM process

Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) interacts with data objects (tables and columns) via SQL statements. How those queries are executed by the database in use is directly related to the EIM performance.

Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager - EIM Most frequently asked Interview Questions – Part 3

This is Siebel EIM Interview Q&A Part 3 We have collected the Siebel real time interview questions related to EIM ( enterprise integration manager) , these are asked in real interviews in most of the companies.

EIM Column Extension in Siebel 8.x

When extending a custom column in Siebel 8.X which have case and accent insensitive (CIAI) enabled, running EIM mapping wizard creates corresponding mapping in EIM  table.

Purging an EIM table

When purging data from the EIM table, use the TRUNCATE command as opposed to DELETE.

How should users run the EIM Table Mapping Wizard in Siebel Tools?

To map a new table an EIM interface table using the EIM Table Mapping Wizard

1. Lock the project.

2. Select Table object type in the Object Explorer.

Siebel EIM Batch Size could have an adverse impact on Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Environments

In the "Advanced Usage" chapter of the Siebel "Enterprise Integration Manager and Administration Guide", it is recommended that batch sizes of 5,000 records or less be used.

How can file attachments be imported via EIM?

1. Put the file to be attached in the Siebel_Server\input directory (i.e. ABC.doc)


2. In the EIM_SR_DTL table, populate:





How to Populate User Keys and Required Columns using Siebel EIM

It is mandatory to load the required columns of the base tables. If one or more required fields are missed, then the EIM process will fail to load the base table and generate the REQUIRED_COLS error status.

Siebel EIM Delete Process Parameter Reference

Some process parameters like TYPE, BATCH, and TABLE are similar to an Import process.


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