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EIM Data Loading : Oracle function - Bulk Collect

When loading data through EIM process, we normally use Pl/SQL procedures to fetch and process huge volume of records and  then load the data to EIM Interface tables.

EIM Data Cleansing : Oracle function – Regular Expression

When loading data into Siebel through EIM, we do perform Data cleansing/massaging as per our 
business requirement.

Is it Possible to Update the User Key using EIM

Using EIM task user cannot normally update User key attributes of the base table.

Table Fragmentation and Siebel EIM

Prior to running EIM it is important to clean up fragmented objects, especially those that will be used during the EIM processing. The following SQL statement can be used to identify objects with greater than 10 extents:

Does EIM evaluate properties on Business Component (BC) level (such as default value or LOV type)?

EIM does not evaluate the logic from the BC Layer (or above); it only evaluates the data layer, tables, columns and their properties. The LOV Type on the table level and BC level should thus be always consistent.

Update user key Column for Product Entity, through EIM

Normally, User key updationare not possible through EIM except for few entities, of which Product is one. Here is a useful information to update one of the user key columns for Product (Product NAME for instance) through EIM.

What is FREELIST Parameter

Multiple EIM processes can be executed against an EIM table provided they all use different batches or batch ranges. The concern is that contention for locks on common objects may be experienced.

What is IFB file?

An IFB file is nothing but a EIM configuration file which is an ASCII or Unicode (Binary) text file of extension type .ifb. IFB stands for Interface Batch.

What is Siebel EIM Enterprise Integration Manager

The Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) manages the bi-directional exchange of data between the Siebel databases and other corporate data


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