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Automating "Generate Reporting Relationship" on the Position applet

function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName, Inputs, Outputs) { var busobj; var buscomp; busobj = TheApplication().GetBusObject("Assignment");

XML Tools And Utilities

 eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language used to structure data to make it easy to exchange data over the Internet.

Web Portal Integration with Siebel Applications

This article presents details on how to use the XML Web Interface to deliver content from Siebel to external portal frameworks and Web application environments.

Loading Attachments in to Siebel through EIM (Enterprise Integration Manager)

This article is written to demonstrate how attachments can be migrated through EIM from source into target Siebel system.

JMSReceiver fails with error "SBL-EAI-05006: Failed to load the JVM Dll"

When starting a task for JMSReceiver server component using Siebel server command line you may encounter below error:

NEON Adapter for Siebel

The NEON adapter for Siebel provides the capability to automate data transfers to and from Siebel 6 (2000) and Siebel 7 Enterprise Applications by leveraging current New Era of Networks (NEON) and Seibel Integration Obj

Techniques to display the CTI Call Data in Siebel Application

While integrating Siebel and CTI with products like Avaya or CISCO typically clients will have following types of requirement:

How to integrate or consume an external RESTful web service in Siebel 8

Siebel Application does not support REST web services on Siebel 8.0.x version, inbound .

REST inbound web service support is GA in release


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