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Handling Error - Unable to create the Business Service 'Web Service Deployment Service'

While trying to deploy a workflow process or a custom business service as Web Service, using "Deploy as Web Service..." right mouse click menu item of in Siebel Tools:

Loading Attachments in to Siebel through EIM (Enterprise Integration Manager)

This article is written to demonstrate how attachments can be migrated through EIM from source into target Siebel system.

Is it possible to modify Siebel Message Property Set without using custom business service (scripting option)?

This section explains how to manipulate a property set in a workflow without custom script. The mechanisms used here are:

  • The Workflow Utilities business service, echo method.

  • Workflow process aliases

Refresh an applet instead of the Business component

User wants to update the data being displayed on UI after performing some validation and updates via a script on the underlying BC.

Execute Workflows through Workflow policies of same/different group using different Components

In Siebel vanilla, whenever a Workflow Policy is created and the Program of the Workflow policy Action is “Run Workflow Process”, then by default Workflow Monitor Agent component of Siebel uses “Workflow Process Manager” co


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