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How can users export System fields of an Integration Object?.

In Siebel, Integration Component Fields with Field Type property as "System" are not exported even if these fields are active during a query operation.

Execute Workflows through Workflow policies of same/different group using different Components

In Siebel vanilla, whenever a Workflow Policy is created and the Program of the Workflow policy Action is “Run Workflow Process”, then by default Workflow Monitor Agent component of Siebel uses “Workflow Process Manager” co

SBL-DAT-00500 SBL-EAI-04451 when there are 10000 or more records using Web Service based on EAI Siebel Adapter or EAI UI Adapter

Whenever a service based on EAI Siebel Adapter or EAI UI Data Adapter business service run to insert a child record when there are already 10000 records associated to the parent, i.e.

SQL Server Integration Services

Microsoft SQL Server provides a completely new enterprise extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) platform called SQL Server Integration Services (

SIA Billing Extern Service /VBC Caching Concepts

The Caching VBC enhances the existing horizontal CSSBCVRec VBC class and works in conjunction with the SIA Billing Extern Service business service.

JMSReceiver fails with error "SBL-EAI-05006: Failed to load the JVM Dll"

When starting a task for JMSReceiver server component using Siebel server command line you may encounter below error:

Siebel XML Web Interface

The XML Web Interface can be used against any Siebel eBusiness Application. Requests to generate XML from Siebel eBusiness Applications can be submitted through a Siebel Web Server using a query string or an XML command block.


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