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Should Siebel Administrator Notification and other components be enabled on all servers?

we have 5 load balanced siebel application servers in production. Should we continue to enable the following components on all 5 servers or just having them enabled on one server is sufficient?

Enabling Users to change Password for Siebel Application

To Enable the Users to change Password for Siebel Application follow below instructions. By Using this particular feature, user can change their password for Siebel Application which will be propagated to the Database as well.

Siebel SpellCheck Highlights the Wrong Text

Spell check functionality is not working properly. When invoking the Spell Check, it highlights the wrong text.

How to Host offline page in Siebel during application maintenance window

offline page can be achieved using following techniques -
 1.URL Redirect
 2.using web.config / .htaccess file
 3.using default.htm


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