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How Should Client Side Logging Be Set?

Using the SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS environment variable, you can set what kind of information is collected.

Enableing Cancel Query Timeout

The cancel query feature allows users to stop the slow or incorrect queries.

Deploying Siebel Enterprise Configuration Data Using the Cfgmerge Utility

 Siebel Application Deployment Manager is not designed to deploy changes made to the configuration of enterprise parameters, servers, and components.These changes can be made either through the server management screens and views in the Siebel Web

Database Tuning Tips for EIM - DB2 UDB

Use DB2 load replace option when loading EIM tables and turn off table logging if possible.Use separate

Is it possible to kill a session at the Database layer? Will the Siebel session be terminated?

he session can be killed at the Database layer, however the Siebel object manager's DB Connector will automatically perform a session reconnect :

Here is the session from Oracle's v$session table :

How to Synchronize Siebel Batch components from srvrmgr command line utility

Most of the Siebel administrators use Siebel Server Manager command line utility or tool, commonly referred as srvrmgr.

Siebel Patch Installation sequence

Follow the below sequence in installing the Siebel Patch.
1. Stop the services in the server
2. Install the patch.
3.  Start the services.

Overcome Error while Checkout

A common error encountered while doing an object Checkout/Get is –
Siebel-ERR-1109: Unable to read value from export file (Data length (4) > Column definition (1));
Solution :

LDAP password policy parameters supported in Siebel

Not all the LDAP password policy attributes are supported. Below are for your reference.

* Reset password upon next login
* Password Expiration Warning
* Password Expiry Time


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