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What are the new IE 8 features not supported by Siebel 8

Following new IE8 features are not supported in Siebel 8

3.Enhanced security (downloads, XSS, DEP - buffer overflow prevention)
4.Tab-level crash recovery.

Finding the cause of a slow Siebel Repository File (SRF) compile with Siebel Tools

A full SRF compile usually completes in under an hour for the standard Horizontal and Industry repositories. Many times developers report that a full SRF compile is very slow and is taking a significantly longer time.

Siebel Database Sizing Guidelines

One of the most important factors to determine about the database is its overall size.

Adding Internet Explorer Support for Siebel 8

The following configuration changes need to be made on the Siebel Application Server for each Siebel installation, so that it knows the capabilities of the IE8 browser.

Table Fragmentation and Siebel EIM

Prior to running EIM it is important to clean up fragmented objects, especially those that will be used during the EIM processing. The following SQL statement can be used to identify objects with greater than 10 extents:

Tracing Siebel server task with SQL Trace and TKPROF in Oracle

tkprof is one of the most useful utilities available to Admins for diagnosing performance issues. It essentially formats a trace file into a more readable format for performance analysis.

clearing Siebel workflow instance monitoring log

clearing Siebel workflow instance monitoring log :


Enabling Users to change Password for Siebel Application

To Enable the Users to change Password for Siebel Application follow below instructions. By Using this particular feature, user can change their password for Siebel Application which will be propagated to the Database as well.

Should Siebel Administrator Notification and other components be enabled on all servers?

we have 5 load balanced siebel application servers in production. Should we continue to enable the following components on all 5 servers or just having them enabled on one server is sufficient?


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