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Object Locking using Developer logins

Unable to enable object lock with other configured administrator user than SADMIN. For each project you can specify whether or not developers are allowed to check out and check in individual objects within the project.

Monitoring the status of Siebel Server components

Monitor the status of Siebel Server components that are essential to keep the application up and running has to be performed manually which will be person dependent task

 Solution :

Database Performance Considerations - Where indexes can improve performance and where not

In a nutshell a database index is an auxiliary data structure which allows for faster retrieval of data stored in the database. They are keyed off of a specific column so that queries like “Give me all people with a last name of ‘Sam’” are fast.

Siebel Database Layout Guidelines

As with most client-server applications, the overall performance of Siebel eBusiness applications is largely dependent on the I/O performance on the database server.

Overcome Error while Checkout

A common error encountered while doing an object Checkout/Get is –
Siebel-ERR-1109: Unable to read value from export file (Data length (4) > Column definition (1));
Solution :

Siebel Server Component Event Logging

The Siebel Server and the server components it hosts are among the most frequently used processes in a typical Siebel CRM implementation.

LDAP password policy parameters supported in Siebel

Not all the LDAP password policy attributes are supported. Below are for your reference.

* Reset password upon next login
* Password Expiration Warning
* Password Expiry Time

Table Fragmentation and Siebel EIM

Prior to running EIM it is important to clean up fragmented objects, especially those that will be used during the EIM processing. The following SQL statement can be used to identify objects with greater than 10 extents:


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