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Java arithmetic operators are trickey see how you can over come hurdles

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Perl has many uses, especially in UNIX system administrative tasks, which is where Perl was born and grew up. The name stands for "Practical Extraction and Report Language." Nowadays, Perl is seen by many as the ideal development language for Web server scripts.

Why Use Perl?

People use Perl because it is quick, efficient, and easy to maintain when programming a wide range of tasks, in particular those involving the manipulation of text files. Also, there are many others also using Perl who are prepared to share their code.


This section looks in detail at the special variables used in Perl. Understanding these variables is crucial to programming effectively in Perl. Some of the variables are essential for nearly all Perl programs, while others are merely useful shortcuts that can avoid the need to run external programs that extract information from the system.



Throwing an exception in Java - Java tutorial

Throwing An Exception

You can throw an exception explicitly using the throw statement.

For e.g.

You need to throw an exception when a user enters a wrong login ID or password.

This article covers belwo topics -

Running Perl

The simplest way to run a Perl program is to invoke the Perl interpreter with the name of the Perl program as an argument:


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