Gaining Allies

Making Changes by Giving and Taking

Linda is a marketing assistant at SellUThis, a company that sells market research reports via direct mail. Linda has only been with the company six months, but she already hates her job.

Increasing Your Level of Authority

Don is a fairly new senior editor in a department that abstracts and indexes legal publications. He is responsible for creating and clarifying editorial policy for the staff. It's an enviable position, yet Don's authority is not complete.

Overcoming the Fears that Inhibit Alliances

Everyone hopes to be approved of by his peers and his boss. It's a common human need. Unfortunately, employees who lack authority when trying to create change sometimes allow this need to metamorphose into fear.

Preparing to Make a Change

If you're thinking about making a change, and you lack direct authority, it is especially important that you know how to prepare for the change.

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