Self Improvement

Succeeding as a First-time Manager

It may sound harsh, but as a first-time manager you'll make mistakes. Studying some of the mistakes commonly made by new managers will help you learn through the experience of others and avoid similar issues.

Maintaining Open Communication

You may encounter people who use any of the five typical barriers to effective communication:

handle the major stresses of managing

Being a manager can be stressful. You are responsible for the work of others, you need to achieve company objectives, and you do not always have the resources or control that you would like.

How to measure your Creative and Innovative Skills

You may not believe that you are especially creative, but you probably possess various skills and attributes that will help in creative projects. If you are going to enhance your creative performance and potential, you need to know what skills you already have, and what areas you need to build on.

Distractions as Roadblocks to Listening

Assess your listening skills

Good listeners are made, not born. Your skills will improve with practice and, with effort, you can become an exceptional listener.

Speech as an Obstacle to Listening

As a good listener, you should listen at least twice as much as you talk. However, what you have to say is also important. It can help you to listen well, or it can act as a roadblock to better listening.

Concepts of Leadership

“I used to think that running an organization was equivalent to conducting a symphony orchestra. But I don't think that's quite it; it's more like jazz. There is more improvisation.”— Warren Bennis 

Characteristics and Actions of an Innovation Leader

No matter where they're found in an organization, innovators are a vital part of a company's structure. They keep the organization focused on the future.

Top 3 Barriers to Effective Listening

The top 3 barriers to effective listening are distractions, misinterpretations and attachment to personal beliefs and values.These barriers can prevent you from getting or understanding the message you are hearing.1. Distractions

Assigning Roles on a Team

Assigning team roles appropriately – to capable team members – sets your team on the path to success. A logical four-step process can help you assign team members to appropriate roles. Each step of the process builds on the last:


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